Certification Recognition Requirements for Qualified Dentist by EADSM

This certification recognises all members that have a Certification from an affiliate Scientific Society who wish to apply for Qualified Dentist status with the EADSM.

Candidates must submit via email to:
info [at] eadsm.academy the following documents:

  • Proof of affiliation from a National Society and proof of having paid their membership fee
  • Scanned copy of your Certification diploma attesting that the applicant has successfully achieved the degree of qualification on dental sleep medicine from their National Society.
  • Proof of having paid for full membership of the EADSM 

This recognition will not give the title of Expert Level to become Board Diplomate from the EADSM (view separate details about this)

Payment Emoluments + Full membership

Affiliate Scientific Societies recognition 35€ + Full membership 85€ = 120€
No affiliate Scientific Societies recognition 50€ + Membership 150€

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