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The EADSM Accreditation Programme is a voluntary instruction and assessment process leading to certification of competency and optimal multidisciplinary care delivery for patients suffering from sleep-disordered breathing. Its purpose is to improve the participants knowledge of the prerequisites required to deliver adequate dental sleep medicine care focusing on oral appliance (OA) therapy and to promote the multidisciplinary treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The accreditation does not represent a new specialty of dentistry, nor does it grant or imply any legal qualification, privilege or license to practice dental sleep medicine. It can, however, be expected to become of primary importance in the future organization of dental sleep medicine in Europe.

EADSM Accreditation levels

The first level that can be obtained is the EADSM Accreditation. Having obtained this, one enters the EADSM Accreditation Maintaining programme as an accredited member. There is no obligation to proceed to EADSM Expert. This qualification, once obtained, is rewarded with the EADSM Fellowship. Follow the links for more information:

  1. EADSM Accreditation
  2. EADSM Expert

PLEASE DO NOTE: EADSM does not offer EADSM Accreditation for members that have access to their own national accreditation pathway in dental sleep medicine. Such members should obtain accreditation through their national channel first, upon which the EADSM Accreditation will be granted upon request. Such Members can apply directly for the EADSM Expert level Accreditation.

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