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accreditation EADSM

Accreditation cycle

The EADSM Accredition cycle starts with a timely registration (see timing) for the requested level of EADSM Accreditation. Once this qualification has been obtained, the candidate may progress to the EADSM Expert exam.

The EADSM Examination Committee directs all aspects of the examination including the composition of the exam. The candidate is required to confirm understanding of the code of conduct regulations prior to sitting the exam and strict adherence to these regulations during the examination itself.

EADSM Accreditation

The EADSM Accreditation exam is comprised of questions that are presented in a kind of statement form coming from literature citation(s). The candidate will be asked to perform one of the following actions: (-) check wether or not the statement is correct (-) make the statement complete by selecting the right option out of 4 possible options.

The examination tests candidates on topics of the ‘Exam Curriculum’ based on general literature and outlined as follows:

  1. Basic sleep medicine (10% questions of Examination)
  2. Information obtained through polysomnogram reports (5% questions of Examination)
  3. Portable monitoring devices in oral appliance therapy (5% questions of Examination)
  4. Medical and sleep disorder history (5% questions of Examination)
  5. Research and literature review of the full range of available treatments for sleep related breathing disorders (10% questions of Examination)
  6. Selection of oral appliances for patients, oral appliances vs. CPAP on various anatomic, behavioral and physiological parameters (15% questions of Examination)
  7. Proper fitting techniques for oral appliances (10% questions of Examination)
  8. Treatment plan and informed consent for patients as well as indications, contraindications, possible complications and side effects associated with oral appliance use (15% questions of Examination)
  9. Oral appliance titration (5% questions of Examination)
  10. Long-term follow-up care including compliance, appliance stability and care, effectiveness of therapy (10% questions of Examination)
  11. OSA in Children and treatment modalities including orthodontics (10% questions of Examination)

EADSM Expert

The EADSM Expert exam will be judged on ‘template assessment’ only and no ‘face to face’/’viva’ examination. Please check out the detailed requirements.

Upon Accreditation

Once either EADSM Accreditation or EADSM Expert has been obtained, one enters the Maintaining Accreditation cycle as an accredited member (see Maintain Accreditation).

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